Come and visit us at Hall 3/Booth D73

Achema 2012. With no doubt the most interesting and complete exhibition of machineries for chemical and pharmaceutical industries starts June 18th to 22nd .

CAM will attend with its own booth, in the impressive Hall 3 Boot D73, side by side to the most known actors in the market.

Coming from a 2011 year of excellent results on BRIC markets, CAM foresees a non-stop flow of visitors who will find the usual warm welcome and hospitality.

Our salesman from G.B. Gnudi Bruno Company, together will all CAM crew will be at Your disposal to show and detail the main features of the exposed machines, including our brand-new horizontal “intermittent-continuous” cartoner mod. PVX, which rose great interest during Interpack in Düsseldorf and Ipack-Ima in Milan. Developed according to the main features of alternate motion cartoner mod. PMX, with which shares the main frame and some parts in order to optimize costs, it has very compact dimensions and an extremely interesting price/performance ratio. PVX (V stands for the Italian “veloce”, fast) competes on speed bases with continuous motion cartoners and – even if it is an intermittent motion cartoner – introduces the products in the carton boxes softly, thanks to its double pusher (CAM patented) working on all 360° of machine cycle. The continuous motion cartons picking head and the rotary blades closing modules are patented too.


Another interesting new machine is the strip machine mod. 5000/360, produced by Siebler + Göring GmbH & Co. KG, company purchased in 2011, exposed together with other CAM machines dedicated to pharmaceutical applications.

In the same Hall 3 Boot D49, a few meters away, our represented company for Italian market L.B. Bohle Machinen + Verfahren GmbH presents, in a new scenario, two well-known and reliable products: the tablet coater BTC100 and the Fluid Bed System BFS240. A new product will be “unveiled” during a press conference You can participate, which is settled for Monday 18th June, 11.00 a.m.

Cremer Specialmachines B.V., leader in counting systems, exhibits the new generation of counters for pharma applications, particularly: CF622x6, up to 300 bottles/min.; CFS-622, servo-assisted module for counting up to 40 bottles/min. with 100 pcs.; CF-1220, the well-known counter up to 50 bottles/min. with 100 pcs. each. They have two boots: Hall 6.1 Boot D47, for demonstrations and Hall 3.1 Boot J54 for commercial and technical issues.

At last, Tecnotrend Automazione s.r.l., Hall 3.1 Booth C65, exhibits the filler mod. FL403, with composed movements (patented), equipped with a dosing group with rotary valves syringes supplied by SPC, with 10 needles for dosing 30 ml. product (foaming or not) at a speed up to 24.000 bottles/hour, joining the continuous motion speed with the intermittent dosing advantages.

Hoping You will be our welcome guest

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